C++ from the Ground Up, Third Edition

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C++ from the Ground Up, Third Edition

ISBN: 0072228970 | 624 pages | McGraw-Hill; 3 edition (Mar 19 2003) | PDF | 1.8 MB

No one teaches C++ better than Herb Schildt. That's why his books are the choice of millions worldwide. Now you, too, can quickly master C++ using his proven method. In this fully updated new edition, Herb explains the C++ language, from its fundamentals to its most advanced features. You'll start with an overview of C++ and the general form of a C++ program. You'll then learn essentials such as control statements, operators, variables, classes, and objects. Then it's on to exceptions, templates, namespaces, run-time type ID, and the Standard Template Library (STL). There is even a synopsis of the extended keywords used for .NET programming–all presented in Herb's clear, crisp, uncompromising style.

You will learn about:

* The general form of a C++ program
* Data types, operators, and expressions
* Control statements
* Functions
* Pointers and references
* Classes and objects
* Function and operator overloading
* Constructors and destructors
* Templates
* Exception handling
* Inheritance
* Virtual functions