C++ for Dummies Quick Reference

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C++ for Dummies Quick Reference
ISBN: 0764503901 | Publisher: For Dummies | June 1998 | PDF 240 Pages | 8 MB

C++ for Dummies Quick Reference won't impress experienced C++ experts–it contains nothing beyond the basics, and won't help you deal with unusual situations. It will, however, prove valuable to students and to those who frequently switch among programming languages.

What is the syntax for if statements? What are the rules for converting among data types? How do you access the contents of an array? The answers to these questions vary among languages, and if you find yourself needing to write a C++ program immediately after spending months on a Java contract, this book will help you shift gears. Students also will appreciate the clarity of Shammas's examples. Want to know how to read from a command line so you can get on with your assignment? He explains cin and cout clearly, without confusing elaboration.

Covered topics range from declarations of constants and variables to a discussion of object-oriented design principles. The beginning of the book is too basic, and the end too complicated. The real value is in the middle pages, which describe common but forgettable details. Here, you'll find syntax summaries for loops, conditionals, data structures, pointers, and code modules. This is the kind of stuff you need to know for every programming job, and it's good to have it so easily accessible.