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Caligrafía China - Viviendas populares en China

Posted By: vidra
Caligrafía China - Viviendas populares en China

Chen Tingyou, Caligrafia China. Traducido por Guo Lingxia
Beijing | China Intercontinental Press | 2003 | ISBN 7-5085-0346-5 | PDF | 9+130 pp | 300 dpi | ~167 MB

Shan Deqi, Viviendas populares de China. Traducido por Wang Hongxun
Beijing | China Intercontinental Press | 2004 | ISBN 7-5085-0372-4 | PDF | 9+150 pp | 300 dpi | ~175 MB

Two out of the five volumes of the Cultural China Series, in Spanish. I will upload the other volumes in the next few days. As the books are lavishly illustrated, I have scanned it at 300 dpi - that's why the files are so large.

Dos de los cinco volúmenes de la Cultural China Series en castellano. Subiré también los otros volúmenes en unos pocos días. Visto que son ricamente ilustrados, los he escaneado a 300 dpi - es por eso que las fichas son tan largas.

Following - Queda para subir:

• Lou Qinxi, Jardines de China
• Li Li, Reliquias culturales de China
• Xu Chenghei, La Ópera de Beijing


In the meantime I was requested to upload some pages of the first volume, to judge whether it is worth to download. Here you are some pages (the quality of the linked pages is 150 dpi for a quicker download, instead of the 300 dpi of the .pdf itself):



And here you are my usual and ever-growing list of good materials for learning Chinese. (I do not include here the books linked to Avax from the excellent www.hanzi.ru and www.polusharie.ru that are far above the level of "just learning", and are listed in their respective sites anyway. But I cannot miss to refer to chinesepod.com that is, in my opinion, the best on-line Chinese course.) Where I do not indicate the uploader, it was me:

Colloquial Chinese. The complete course for beginners
Colloquial Cantonese. The complete course for beginners
Pimsleur Chinese I (becomingman) and another version (bco777)
Pimsleur Chinese II (bco777)
Pimsleur Chinese III (becomingman)
Tell Me More Chinese (becomingman)
Rosetta Stone Chinese 1-3 (and other languages) (toanjp)
Практический курс китайского языка (Alexpal)

Rapid Literacy in Chinese for Beginners (Since I've uploaded this in .pdf, it has been also uploaded by Gleap to hanzi.ru in a reduced scale dvju format, which is much smaller to download, but somewhat more difficult to read.)
Teach Yourself: Beginner's Chinese Script

Грамматика современного китайского языка (Alexpal)

Dictionaries and translators (eventually combined with learning software):
Большой китайско-русский словарь (электронная версия для Lingvo) (pnkv)
Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning Software
Kingsoft Power Word 2006 Chine...Japanese dictionary collection
Dr. Eye 6.0 Chinese-English/Japanese Translation Software
Wenlin Chinese Dictionary and Learning Software (pakistan1)
Oxford Talking Chinese English Dictionary and Instant Translator (biotop)
Magic Translator v6.00.5777 Multilingual (Alexpal)

If anyone finds anything else, please post it.