Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, Second Edition

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Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, Second Edition

Cambridge University Press, «Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, Second Edition»
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Cambridge Learner's Dictionary is a major new dictionary based on the Cambridge International Corpus. Ideal for intermediate students, this dictionary has been written by experienced ELT teachers and is based on extensive research in classrooms around the world. The dictionary is also available with a CD-ROM, making it perfect for use at home or in the classroom.
Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, Second Edition

  • Clear, attractive layout, with hundreds of illustrations
  • 35,000 meanings explained in simple words
  • Guidewords help you find the meanings you want
  • Thousands of lively and typical examples
  • Grammar rules presented clearly and simply
  • A Study Section helps students with topics such as classroom language, phrasal verbs, and the Internet
  • Pronunciations use the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Usage notes based on the Cambridge Learner's Corpus tackle problem words
  • British and American English covered
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