Cases on Database Technologies And Applications

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Cases on Database Technologies And Applications

Mehdi Khosrow-Pour (Editor), “Cases on Database Technologies And Applications”
Idea Group Publishing | ISBN 1599044005 | 292 pages | March 2006

The fields of database applications and research have seen many advances in techniques and technologies, which has created an explosion in database technology use in all types of organizations. Many of these organizations have been successful in the utilization of database technologies, but others have failed. These successes and failures can help systems professionals and students achieve success in the design and application of database technologies.

Cases on Database Technologies and Applications presents many real-life examples and experiences of those involved in database research and database technology applications and management. It includes a wide range of the most current development, design and analysis of databases, and assists practitioners and students alike in learning about emerging issues, problems, and challenges in developing database applications without pitfalls.

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