CBTNuggets - Cisco CCSP 642-502

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CBTNuggets - Cisco CCSP 642-502

CBTNuggets - Cisco CCSP 642-502
CBTNuggets | BIN/CUE | Year | 309 Mb

If you're using Cisco routers and switches, much of your security can be accomplished using the features built into the hardware and IOS. That’s what the Exam-Pack: 642-502 SNRS videos are all about:
Authorize access for legitimate users with the AAA architecture.
Use Cisco's IOS Firewall for Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) and Intrusion Prevention.
Create identity-based networking services to prevent denial-of-service (DoS) and other Layer 2 attacks.
Block rogue DHCP servers from appearing on your network.
Configure VPN solutions using IPSEC tunneling for secure branch-to-branch data transmission.
Establish advanced VPN security by creating a Certificate Authority (CA) on a private subnet.
Simplify remote VPN management using Easy VPN.
Manage multiple devices more easily using Cisco's Security Device Manager (SDM) web interface.
In addition to these useful on-the-job skills taught in Exam-Pack: 642-502
SNRS, the series maps to the exam objectives for Cisco’s 642-502 SNRS exam to prepare you for certification. This exam is one of five required for Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) certification.
A thorough understanding of Cisco networking such as a CCNA certification or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing these videos.Cisco CCSP - Exam-Pack: 642-502 SNRS Contains:
- Cisco AAA: Using Cisco's Access Control Server 3.3
- Cisco AAA: Configuring Cisco's ACS Server and Devices
- Configure Cisco IOS Firewall Features: Cisco CBAC, Basic Configuration
- Configure Cisco IOS Firewall Features: Cisco CBAC, Advanced Features
- Configure Cisco IOS Firewall Features: Firewall Authentication Proxy
- Configure Cisco IOS Firewall Features: Intrusion Prevention System, Part 1
- Configure Cisco IOS Firewall Features: Intrusion Prevention System, Part 2
- Implement Layer 2 Security: Understanding and Mitigating Attack Types
- Implement Layer 2 Security: Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services
- Implement Layer 2 Security: Configuring 802.1x
- Cisco VPN Configuration: VPN Concepts Overview (free video)
- Cisco VPN Configuration: Configuring IKE with Pre-Shared Keys
- Cisco VPN Configuration: Understanding Certificate Authorities
- Cisco VPN Configuration: Configuring CA-based VPNs
- Cisco VPN Configuration: Understanding and Using Cisco Easy VPN Solution, Part 1
- Cisco VPN Configuration: Understanding and Using Cisco Easy VPN Solution, Part 2
- Cisco SDM: Introduction and Setup
- Cisco SDM: Using Cisco SDM to Configure Cisco Routers


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