Classical Bujutsu By Donn F. Draeger

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Classical Bujutsu By Donn F. Draeger

Donn F. Draeger, «Classical Bujutsu»
Volume one of the Martial Arts and Ways of Japan series | ISBN 0-8348-0233-3| Weatherhill, 1996. Year | JPG| 13.9 Mb | 127 Pages | SCAN!|

''Classical Bujutsu is the first volume of the Martial Arts and Ways of Japan series, and it begins by outlining the martial tradition in Japan. This is followed by a discussion of the role of the bushi (warrior) class in history and how the bujutsu (lit., martial arts) developed. The second part of the volume is divided into categories: bladed, impact, projectile and composite weapons, as well as grappling and auxiliary arts that were also part of warrior training. It is a thorough examination of the oldest Japanese fighting arts, and their place in pre-modern and modern society.
In the end, the author shows some details about the main traditional Martial Arts in Japan, but the great point is the focus on the development of the characteristics of the classical warrior through the telling and analysis of the historical period in which they developed. The text is dry, economic, and goes straight to the point, telling especially what is important to understand the spirit behind the facts.

After all, it is a classic anyone who loves Martial Arts, especially those Japanese, must read!''

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