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Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy

Posted By: Tego

Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy
PDF in RAR | 75 MB | RapidShare | No Password
2004 - 282 pp, 544 illustrations
ISBN-10: 1588902811 / 3131390514
ISBN-13: 9781588902818 / 9783131390516

This brilliant pocket guide helps you to grasp the connection between three-dimensional organ systems and their two-dimensional representation in ultrasound imaging. Through dynamic illustrations and clarifying text, it allows you to:
- Recognize, name, and confidently locate all organs, landmarks, and anatomical details of the abdomen
- Examine all standard planes, including transverse and longitudinal scans for regions of sonographic interest (including the thyroid gland)
- Understand topographic relationships of organs and structures in all three spatial planes

This invaluable text is ideal for the beginner, providing a rapid orientation to all key topics. It includes:
- Over 250 fully labeled image quartets, each showing: the preferred location of the transducer on the body; the resulting image; a labeled drawing of the image, keyed to anatomic structures; and a small 3-D drawing showing the location of the scanning plane in the organ.
- Body markers with information on transducer handling and positioning for each sonogram
- Over 250 rules of thumb and key concepts
- All relevant landmarks, measurable parameters, and normal values

Packed with beautiful graphics and precise text, this is the essential resource that anyone involved in ultrasound radiography needs.
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