Computer Vision OpenCV Python | YOLO| Deep Learning in Colab

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Computer Vision OpenCV Python | YOLO| Deep Learning in Colab

Computer Vision OpenCV Python | YOLO| Deep Learning in Colab
Duration: 4h 28m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 1.59 GB
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Computer Vision with OpenCV Python A-Z and Deep Learning, YOLO Object detection, Real time Projects etc.

What you'll learn
Importance of Computer Vision (CV) and its working
How to work with OpenCV Python and Different Image Operations
Perform image manipulation with OpenCV, including smoothing, blurring, thresholding,
Face Detection from Images
Face Detection from Real time Video

Beginner Python developers curious about Computer Vision
Welcome to Computer Vision OpenCV Python Course

In this course you will learn computer vision from scratch to expert level.

Course includes-

The introduction and importance of Computer Vision (CV).

Difference between Image Processing and Computer Vision

Introduction and Installation to OpenCV Python

Working of OpenCV

How to work in google colab

Image Operations like Load, Display,Save,Resize and Color Changing using OpenCV Python

Draw rectangle using opencv

Drawing Functions in OpenCV Python- Line, Rectangle, Circle , Ellipse , Polygon and PutText

Face Detection in an image using OpenCV

Display only face of the image

Detect and display the largest face in image

Count no. of faces using OpenCV

How to take a picture from live web cam using OpenCV - Video Processing

Capturing frame by frame images from camera using OpenCV - Video Processing.

Play Video from a file in OpenCV - Video Processing

Saving a Video using OpenCV - Video Processing

Gaussian Blur in OpenCV.

Find Contours in an image using OpenCV

Find Threshold in images using OpenCV

Display edges of an image using canny edge detection in OpenCV

Project - FACE EYE NOSE detection

COVID 19 PROJECT-Check whether Social Distancing is followed or not in CCTV

Project-Finding out traffic density by detecting cars in the images.

Project - Driver drowsiness detection using OpenCV

Project - Object detection using YOLO v3

Project - Social Distancing Detection using Python |Machine Learning | Deep Learning | OpenCV | YOLO

Project - Object detection using YOLO v4 in google colab

Project - Face Recognition

Who this course is for:
Understanding of the Python Programming Language

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