The Art of Computer Game Design (Ebook)

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The Art of Computer Game Design (Ebook)
By Chris Crawford

The central premise of this book is that computer games constitute a new and as yet poorly devel-
oped art form that holds great promise for both designers and players.

This premise may seem laughable or flippant. How could anybody classify the likes of SPACE
INVADERS and PAC MAN as art? How can TEMPEST or MISSILE COMMAND compare with
Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Michelangelo’s Pieta, or Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms?
Computer games are too trivial, too frivolous to be called art. They are idle recreation at best. So
says the skeptic.

But we cannot relegate computer games to the cesspit of pop culture solely on the evidence of the
current crop of games. The industry is too young and the situation is too dynamic for us to dismiss
computer games so easily. We must consider the potential, not the actuality. We must
address the fundamental aspects of computer games to achieve a conclusion that will withstand
the ravages of time and change.


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