Computers and Art - Second Edition

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Stuart Mealing (Editor), "Computers and Art – Second Edition", Intellect | 2002 Year | ISBN: 1871516609 | PDF | ~1 Mb | 192 Pages

Insightful perspectives on the use of the computer as a tool for artists. The approaches taken vary from its historical, philosophical and practical implications to the use of computer technology in art practice. The contributors include an art critic, an educator, a practicing artist and a researcher. The Editor's contribution will look at the potential for future developments in the field, looking at both the artistic and the computational aspects of the field. This collection seeks to bring together the latest theories and advances in the use of computers in art as well as looking in a practical way at the computational aspects and problems involved.


-Some trends in computer graphic art
-Visual technology and the poetics of knowledge
-Artificial consciousness - artificial art
-Representing representation: artificial intelligence and drawing
-Fatal attraction: print meets computer
-Post-modem art, or: Virtual reality as Trojan donkey, or: Horsetail tartan literature groin art
-A year and a day on the road to Omniana
-Networks and artworks: the failure of the user friendly interface
-Virtual reality & art
-Extrapolation to the future novelties
-Computers and art and design: a miscellany of literature