Concord Armor at War Series 7028: British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland & Germany 1944-1945 (Repost)

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Concord Armor at War Series 7028: British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland & Germany 1944-1945 (Repost)

David Fletcher - British Tanks of WWII (2) Holland & Germany 1944-1945
Concord Publications Company | 2000 | ISBN: 9623616511 | English | 73 pages | PDF | 39.5 MB

After the Allies had liberated Brussels and Antwerp, approached the Ardennes by mid-September 1944, their supply chain was close to collapse. Clearing the waterways was a priority and the British launched several amphibious assaults on the islands at the Scheldt Estuary. At the same time, Operation Market Garden began, and British tanks raced to relieve the besieged British airborne forces at Arnhem. With the failed operation, Montgomery concentrated on clearing the Scheldt Estuary to open up the port of Antwerp.
After the German Ardennes Offensive was halted in January 1945, Montgomery's 21st Army Group advanced towards the Rhine. Once across the Rhine, German resistance was not as stiff and the British troops rolled into northern Germany. Germany finally crumbled in May.
This is the second volume of a 2-volume series "British Tanks of WWII". David Fletcher, a noted historian from the Tank Museum, presented to us 160 photos of the Commonwealth armor in action in Holland and Germany, at the last stages of the war. Clearing the Scheldt Estuary and crossing the Rhine saw the use of many Buffalo, DUKW, and DD tanks. Interesting photos in the book include Ram Kangaroo, Sherman Crab, Churchill Crocodile, Firefly, Cromwell, Comet, Sherman V, Challenger, Archer, and even a captured Panther.