Java Concurrency Specialist Course

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Java Concurrency Specialist Course

Java Concurrency Specialist Course
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"Java Concurrency in Practice" in a four-day intensive course
Java was built to be able to do many things at once. In computer lingo, we call this "concurrency". This is the main reason why Java is so useful.

Your coders need to master concurrency. If they do not, your system might break on your busiest day. Concurrency bugs tend to appear when we do a lot of things at the same time, such as dealing with many clients.

In this course, we combine the collective wisdom of three Java experts: Dr Heinz Kabutz, Victor Grazi and Brian Goetz. Each of these has years of experience in writing concurrent Java programs.

During this 4-day course, you will learn how to write safe multi-threaded Java code that performs well on your hardware. You will learn techniques to ensure visibility of your fields, to build thread safety without explicit locking. You will learn the new fork/join constructs and explore ways to parallelize your algorithms.

"I am extremely pleased that Dr. Heinz Kabutz has created a training course based on Java Concurrency in Practice. Everyone in the Java community appreciates Dr. Heinz' work; his deep understanding of Java – and his passion for it – show through in everything he does. This course is sure to be a winner."
Brian Goetz, Author of Java Concurrency in Practice

Is this course for you?
If you answer "yes!" to any of the following questions, then this course is for you:

Has your system ever caused some strange behaviors that you could not explain? This often happens at the worst time, such as when your system is very busy. Imagine losing your biggest shopping day!
Have you ever wondered how some of the more advanced Java constructs work, such as the ConcurrentHashMap or ConcurrentLinkedQueue?
Would you like to find out how ReadWriteLocks can cause serious starvation?
Have you ever programmed a web application, a servlet, a JSP page, a Swing application?
Are you an above average Java programmer, interested to learn more?

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