Create Your Own Digitial Movies By Pam Strayer

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Pam Strayer, "Create Your Own Digitial Movies"

Sams | ISBN 0672328348 | November 10, 2005 | CHM | 2,5 Mb | 176 Pages

You bought a digital video camera so that you could take and transfer home movies to DVD easily. Only come to find out, it's not so easy when faced with the task on your own. Why does "going digital" seem like such a difficult endeavor? It doesn't have to be and Create Your Own Digital Movies can show you how to get through it all with ease. Find out what camera to choose, filming dos and don'ts, and techniques for creating, editing, saving and sharing movies. Five projects will teach you everything you need to know, plus you'll benefit from numerous other tips, tricks and other helpful information. Don't get bogged down with the intricacies of camera mechanics or software use. Let Create Your Own Digital Movies show you how easy and fun it is to use your digital video camera.