Cut the Cord! The Consumer`s Guide to VoIP

Posted By: pa-co

"Cut the Cord! The Consumer`s Guide to VoIP," covers the selection, installation, and operation of Internet phone services, providing comparisons of the technologies and services available in terms that non-technical readers will understand. You can save significant amounts of money with Internet telephony services and as these services proliferate, you will need a guidebook to help you select and install your own service. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide begins by explaining what VoIP is, its advantages, and what to expect from it, and moves on to how to install the proper equipment and select and use a VoIP service. The only book dedicated solely to consumer Internet phone services, "Cut the Cord! The Consumer`s Guide to VoIP" will also feature a supporting web site and blog with product and service comparisons and additional helpful information.

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