Dance to Despair by Rebeckka Sathen Black

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Book Description:

Based on the memoirs, of a beautiful woman’s 23 year journey through the doors of Chicagoland’s most infamous strip clubs that operated

from the mid 1970’s through the 1990’s.

A native of Illinois, seventeen year old, Rebeckka Black segued into a life of rootless wandering. Besieged by emotional problems, the

distraught, young woman is propelled into a relationship with a dangerous ex-convict. Restless and impulsive, she decides to accompany

her companion to San Francisco.

Realizing that she had made a serious mistake, Rebeckka hooks up with an unsavory couple who offer to drive her back to Chicago.

Shortly after returning to her hometown of Glencoe, Illinois, she searches for another port in the storm. In a futile attempt to

escape, Rebeccka, inadvertently makes a life altering decision that seals her fate…

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* Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.; ISBN: B0009YL0PG; (June 2005)