Hussein Abbass, et al - "Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach"

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Hussein Abbass (Editor), Ruhul Sarker (Editor), Charles Newton (Editor),
"Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach"
Idea Group Publishing | ISBN 1930708254 | 2002 Year | PDF | 1,6 Mb | 310 Pages

Real life problems are known to be messy, dynamic and multi-objective, and involve high levels of uncertainty and constraints. Because traditional problem-solving methods are no longer capable of handling this level of complexity, heuristic search methods have attracted increasing attention in recent years for solving such problems. Inspired by nature, biology, statistical mechanics, physics and neuroscience, heuristics techniques are used to solve many problems where traditional methods have failed. Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach will be a repository for the applications of these techniques in the area of data mining.