D.K.Burleson, et al, «The Data Warehouse Ebusiness DBA Handbook»

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D.K.Burleson, et al, «The Data Warehouse Ebusiness DBA Handbook»

D.K.Burleson, et al, «The Data Warehouse Ebusiness DBA Handbook»
Rampant TechPress | ISBN 0974071625 | 2003 Year | PDF | 1,93 Mb | 220 Pages

With the advent of cheap disk I/O subsystems, it is finally possible for database professionals to have databases store multiple billions and even multiple trillions of bytes of information. As the size of these databases increases to behemoth proportions, it is the challenge of the database professionals to understand the correct techniques for loading, maintaining, and extracting information from very large database management systems. The advent of cheap disks has also led to an explosion in business technology, where even the most modest financial investment can bring forth an online system with many billions of bytes. It is imperative that the business manager understand how to manage and control large volumes of information while at the same time provide the consumer with high-volume throughput and sub-second response time

This book provides you with insight into how to build the foundation of your eBusiness application. You’ll learn the importance of the Data Warehouse in your daily operations. You’ll gain lots of insight into how to properly design and build your information architecture to handle the rapid growth that eCommerce business sees today. Once your system is up and running, it must be maintained. There is information in this text that goes through how to maintain online data systems to reduce downtime. Keeping your online data secure is another big issue with online business. To wrap things up, you’ll get links to some of the best online resources on Data Warehousing.


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