R. E. Morrison, C. W. Ericsson, «Developing Effective Engineering Leadership»

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R. E. Morrison, C. W. Ericsson, «Developing Effective Engineering Leadership»

R. E. Morrison, C. W. Ericsson, «Developing Effective Engineering Leadership»
Institution of Electrical Engineers | ISBN 0852962142 | 2003 Year | CHM | 6,56 Mb | 176 Pages

Engineering companies and other organizations face many serious challenges in the 21st Century. One that is now becoming widely recognized is the loss of corporate knowledge through staff turnover, whether it is natural or forced through downsizing or de-layering. The company’s store of knowledge and expertise is an asset built up through the learning and experience of its employees.

In this book the authors show that such loss of experience and knowledge can substantially erode corporate culture and impact upon a company’s ability to develop and reinvent itself in response to its market. The concentration is on process, culture, structure and leadership, to assist engineering organizations in managing their valuable knowledge resources and the people who possess them. It provides effective methodologies to devise solutions to the real challenges faced by engineering managers today.

Illustrated with scenarios and practical examples, which will be familiar to engineers worldwide, the book represents great value to all those in engineering management practice. In addition, as management increasingly appears within the syllabus of engineering courses, it will interest engineering students preparing for careers in industry, as well as their educators.

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