Developing Extensions for Macromedia Flash 8

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Developing Extensions for Macromedia Flash 8

Author: Instructional Media Macromedia Barbara Snyder
ISBN: 032139416X
Publisher: Macromedia Press - October 2005

Developing Extensions for Macromedia Flash 8 describes how to build Flash JavaScript extensions to enhance the developer’s experience while working in the Flash authoring environment. This book explains how each type of extension works and describes the JavaScript application programming interface (API) functions that Flash calls to implement the extension. In Developing Extensions for Macromedia Flash 8, learn how to:
• Automate repetitive tasks
• Add custom tools to the Tools panel
• Add Timeline effects
• Add, remove, and modify filters that are applied to objects on the Stage
• Manage Flash project files
• Access, modify, and delete files and folders on the local file system
Powerful development and design tools require thorough and authoritative technical advice and documentation. When it comes to Macromedia Flash, no one is more authoritative than Macromedia Development and writing teams. Now their official documentation is available to you in printed book form. As you work, keep this guide by your side for ready access to valuable information on using Flash. We’ve designed it so that it’s easy to annotate as you progress.

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