Linux 3D graphics programming

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Linux 3D graphics programming

Linux 3D Graphics Programming
Publisher:Wordware Publishing(2001-04-15) | ISBN-10: 155622723X | PDF | 5.3 Mb | 624 pages

There are currently no directly competitive titles on the market that provide the serious Linux programmer and developer with an overview of how to use 3-D graphics with this rapidly growing operating system.

Norman Lin focuses on using C++ code relative to the 3-D graphics programming under Linux. The author focuses on providing illustrations of each graphics concept with self-contained code examples and then provides the programmer with the integration of each concept into a larger 3D engine framework. The programmer then is able to use this framework and create a real-time, portal-based engine.

The title includes a very distinctive CD which contains a series of animated 3-D videos illustrating key 3-D graphics concepts such as the transformation from world space into camera space. The recent development of Blender 3-D is also included in the book which is a professional quality 3-D modeler available free to programmers and developers.