Digital Watermarking for Digital Media

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Digital Watermarking for Digital Media

Digital Watermarking for Digital Media
Information Science Publishing | 1591405181 | 2005 | PDF | 262p | 3MB | RS | FF

Digital media, like audio, video, images, and other multimedia documents, can be protected against copyright infringements with invisible, integrated patterns. Such methods are based on steganography and digital watermarking techniques. Most watermarks are inserted as a plain-bit or adjusted digital signal using a key-based embedding algorithm. The embedded information is hidden (in lowvalue bits or least significant bits of picture pixels, frequency, or other value domains) and linked inseparably with the source data structure. For the optimal watermarking application a trade-off between competing criteria such as robustness, non-perceptibility, non-detectability, and security have to be made. Most watermarking algorithms are not resistant to all attacks and even friendly attacks such as file and data modifications can easily destroy the watermark.

Digital Watermarking for Digital Media discusses the new aspects of digital watermarking in a worldwide context. Approached not only from the technical side, but the business and legal sides as well, this book discusses digital watermarking as it relates to many areas of digital media. Broad in its approach, Digital Watermarking for Digital Media provides a comprehensive overview not provided by any texts. Students in information technology, law, multimedia design, and economics will all find valuable material here. But this book is not limited to only students. Artists, composers, lawyers, and publishers will all find value in this digital watermarking book.



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