Dissecting a C# Application: Inside SharpDevelop

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Learn advanced .NET programming techniques by getting an insiders' look at a complete application!

The developers who created SharpDevelop give you an inside track on application development with a guided tour of the source code for SharpDevelop. They will show you the most important code features and explain how you can use these techniques in your own projects. You will gain valuable experience of building an application on this scale, learning from the decisions, mistakes, problems and solutions that lead to the current version on SharpDevelop.

The SharpDevelop team will show you how to:

* Build a highly modular application
* Provide a flexible, extendable, customizable user interface
* Manage the efforts of translators for efficient internationalization
* Represent and manipulate text efficiently
* Code search and replace functionality
* Construct reusable controls
* Implement a parser to provide syntax highlighting and auto-completion as users type
* Use reflection to access information about .NET classes
* Create a Windows Forms designer
* Generate code programmatically

As Wrox press is no more, publishing rights to the book 'Dissecting a C# Application: Inside SharpDevelop' have been bought by Apress Together with Apress, we have made the book available in digital form for free. The PDF file and the accompanying source code are available for download here:
Dissecting a C# Application (3.8 MB PDF file)
The source code to accompany this title (5.9MB Zip file)

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