Dragonlance - The Elven Nations Trilogy (3 Book set)

Posted By: Bush Pig

Dragonlance - The Elven Nations Trilogy

Made by me - Bush Pig

[ 3 x PDF in RAR ]
[ 2 Flavours - with Cover Art & without Cover Art ]
((The 3 covers are approx. 1300 x 3000 pixels ))

Very short summary:
Firstborn - Volume 1
With the great and wise Silvanos dead, the leadership of the elves passes to his son, Sithel. While he is a wise ruler, it seems that his sons may not be so wise: the elder twin, Sithas, follows the elven court while Kith-Kanan allies himself more with his Wildrunners and the humans of Ergoth. It all comes to a head when Sithel is suddenly slain...

The Kinslayer Wars - Volume 2
Following Sithel's death and Sithas's rise to the throne, the Kinslayer War begins. Pitting elf against human, half-elf against half-elf, and each against their own, this border war between the Ergothian Empire and Silvanesti will have no clear winner, except for death itself.

The Qualinesti - Volume 3
After the Kinslayer War the construction of Kith-Kanan's masterpiece, Pax Tharkas, begins. Kith-Kanan and his Wildrunners have migrated westward from Silvanesti, to inhabit the newly ceded forest land of Qualinesti. The kingdom may not last long, however, for Kith-Kanan's half-elf son may prove to be an unworthy candidate for the throne...

From the "Read Me" (included) :D
Anyway, the reason for this read-me is only to say that these E-Books were created by me for me. Apart from other things, the main reason was to do them in a font (verdana) and layout that I prefer for myself. Paragraphing etc. would not get me any points in a publishing environment, but stiff shit - this was done for my reading enjoyment and preference.

So, basically I create a paragraph for each sentence/quote/description (or whatever the bloody term is). I find this a better way to read instead of having a heap of bunched up lines where I lose my place all the time. Yeah, so I'm weird, but that's me.