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Drone Video Pro 2021 - Shoot Pro Video with Any Drone

Posted By: lucky_aut
Drone Video Pro 2021 - Shoot Pro Video with Any Drone

Drone Video Pro 2021 - Shoot Pro Video with Any Drone
Duration: 2h 30m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 2.5 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Your Practical Guide to Shooting Aerial Video like a Pro Taught by a BBC approved pilot. Learn how to create epic shots

What you'll learn
How to shoot like a professional drone pilot
Learn how to shoot sunsets and sunrises
Learn how to fly low and create high impact shots
BONUS session on how to sell stock footage
How to optimise your drone settings for optimum results
How to shoot moving subjects and create dramatic shots

Any drone with a camera to help you practice

How To Shoot Breathtaking Visuals with Your Drone …

Introducing easy way to shoot better drone footage AND have it pay for itself!

The big mistake most people make is that are obsessed with getting a drone up high when in actual fact the really fun stuff (that also looks great) is flying really low…

But that takes confidence…

When I was starting out I struggled with all aspects of flying like:

Getting really comfortable with the sticks,

Figuring out exposure,

Learning how to fly complex moves with manual control,

Spatial awareness ( I was always glued to the monitor)

How to get great shots in low light…(sunrise and sunset)

You're not sure if you should be watching the drone or the monitor and its not long before you can't see it up there and you get a bit nervous…

And you don't want to be one of those newb's that flies it into the river on the first outing…!

Any of these resonate with you?

Do you struggle to work out how to plan and develop your aerials to get that cinematic look?

Wish you could get amazing shots that will amp up the production value of your productions and impress your clients.

Want to know how to set up your drone for the way YOU want to film, setting exposure right, stick tolerances and the tilt and yaw control on your camera ?

Creative ways to nail filming epic landscapes and architecture and getting those signature shots that you need when building a visual narrative in a story…?

Knowing what makes an aerial shot visually appealing and grasping the types most used cinematically, and what 3 aspects are needed to make them pop?

Want to master cinematic movement as a single operator - ie flying the drone and adding cinematic camera movement simultaneously.

These filmmakers were struggling with the same things I was but after they joined the How to shoot breathtaking visuals with your drone, here's what they had to say…

"This course is the most complete, easy to follow online cinematography course I’ve ever attended.

It covers everything from pre-shoot, to post production with tons of insights, tips, and downloadable checklists from an awarded professional with years of experience. Well worth the money." -Chris Tinard - Director AZDroneFest

"I've been frustrated with trying to get to the next level …A big thing I learned from the course is that less is more, that simplicity is the answer.

Epic footage can be created using straightforward rules." John Brady, Certified Drone Pilot, UK

"So this course was exactly exactly what I wanted, it was everything. Everything is step by step is really easy to follow.

And I've been doing it live on shoots since I've been out practicing" Andrew Smith, MrsmithAerial, UK

Here's how it can help you too…

It's a simple and proven system that will help you to master spectacular aerial footage no matter what level of experience you have.

Whether you are new to drone filming or are a working filmmaker who has purchased a drone to add value to your shoots, this masterclass will help you learn the core methods I've developed as an aerial cinematographer.

It's been designed it specifically to help you get out filming and flying as close to home as in your back garden. (So you can polish your flying skills from anywhere)

This is a straight forward no whizz bang online coaching program created by a Tom Middleton, a working professional, BBC Approved drone pilot & Filmmaker based in the UK and Den Lennie a 26 year veteran of the video industry.

We understand that you want to come up with creative and different shots so they don’t look stale and the same.

And thats what we guarantee to help you with in this coaching program brand new for 2021

Here's whats included:

Module 1- Mastering Spatial Awareness

In this first practical, we are going to test your depth perception at a distance from the drone and really show you how important it is to judge spatial awareness while you're looking at the drone and making sure you can see an obstacle in front of the drone.

Module 2 - Fine tuning the flight control sticks so you fly instinctively

We want you to master the simplicity of using manual controls, rather than the point of interest function to understand how smooth micro movements with a sticks will make you a better pilot and give all of your movements a smoother, more cinematic look.

Module 3 - Developing the shot to create that cinematic impact and wow clients

If you want your audience to be gripped by your drone shots, then you want to hold their attention to the beginning right to the end, and to do this, you want to tell a story throughout the shot.

Module 4 - The trick to Exposure, shutter speed, ISO and to ND or not…?

We are going to run through some of our top tips for what camera settings to use, and also give an overview of frame rates, frame sizes, and also file formats and picture profiles.

Module 5 - Signature Landscapes Method

We're going to look at three types of our signature aerial landscape shots. In this section, we're going to talk you through what you need to consider and plan to make sure you succeed every time you do a landscape aerial shoot.

Then get outside with the drone and put some of the things you have learned in earlier modules into practice.

Module 6 - How to add drama and shot development to building and objects.

This module is all about finding creative and interesting ways to shoot architecture with your drone. So for the practical part of this architecture and buildings module, we're going to show you three different cinematic ways to shoot one building.

Module 7 - Manual Tracking of moving subjects so it becomes intuitive…

In this module, we are going to look at the best and most cinematic ways to shoot a moving object like a car or a person. You'll see how tricky intelligent fight modes can be and how to nail these manually with ease.

Module 8 - Mastering a signature sunrise shot (shooting blind)

In this module, we are going to show you how to shoot the perfect aerial sunrise shot. You'll learn the exact 'right time' to nail a sunrise and how go position yourself to get maximum impact.

Module 9 - How to fly breathtaking sunsets and how to add drama…

In this module, we are going to get out in the Shropshire Hills and look at how to shoot the same subject three different ways. This will give you some ideas on how to give yourself some variety of shooting the same thing but looking at different cinematic views on the same subject.

PLUS get an additional 4-part training on selling stock footage…

Session 1 - What each library is looking for and how to tailor footage to get accepted.

Session 2 - Step by step instructions for Getty Images and how to shoot for their criteria

Session 3 - Step by step instructions for ShutterStock and how to shoot for their criteria

Session 4 - How to set up your workflow and file structure to manage your own library

You also get - Post production hacks - Short cuts to adding the finishing touches to your footage to wow your audience

Part 1 - Introducing Post-production

In this module we are going to be diving into several different stages of the editing process using Final Cut Pro X

Part 2 - CODEC's and picture profiles.

In this first step, I will be going over the differences between h264 and h265 file codecs, and what this means for editing with them. I will also touch on the colour profiles of D-Log and HLG

Part 3 - Importing footage and Organising Files

In this stage, I will be explaining my process for how to arrange your file library, and keeping a structured system for categorising your clips in Final Cut Pro.

Part 4 - Colour Correcting

Using Final Cut Pro's Waveform Monitor and balancing exposure and colour.

Part 5 - Applying LUT's

Colour Grading using External LUT's, and applying an adjustable preset look to your shots.

Part 6 - Letterboxing

How to apply the letterbox effect using a 2:35 aspect ratio, and giving our film that cinematic look.

Part 7 - Music Choice

This is such an important part of giving your footage emotional impact, and I will show you what music libraries we use, and how to maximise the emotion in our shots.

Part 8 - Adding Titles

In this step, I will show you how we add minimal elegant titles to shots, and what font, sizes, positioning, and kerning we use.

Part 9 - Export settings

This is a quick overview of Final Cut Pros File export choice, and the biggest to lowest sizes available.

Part 10 - Getting consistent results

Finally here is a checklist of steps to ensure you have a system for post that will work for you every time.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to film aerials like a pro!
Beginner pilots will find this course exciting and will learn great moves quickly
Photographers who want to learn the art of aerial cinematography
Anyone who wants to turn their drone hobby into a professional career

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