DUDEN -- Reden gut und richtig halten, 2nd edition, 2000, ISBN 3-411-04682-1, 695 pages, 17 Mb

Posted By: RuslanXadaenev

This is a very good book for native German speakers (or assimilated) who want to improve their oral communication and argumentation strength. You will find 2 files in the rar archive (no password needed): one is a PDF, the other a PostScript file (use Ghostview to read it). The reason lies in the way I "ripped" the original file (which I bought) from its DRM rights (protection was an EBX handler).
Firstly, I "printed" the whole book to a PostScript file using an Apple LaserWriter Pro 810 driver. The resulting PostScript was in turn converted to another PostScript file using Ghostscript. Finally, this later file was converted to a PDF using Ghostscript again. All vectorized fonts from the original were rasterized in the process (maybe because I don't have the original fonts on my system). This can be seen when you zoom to 300 or 400 % on the PDF. The PostScript file however seems to have retained the original fonts, so zooming does not mar the quality. This is for purists only because if you print the book on A4 paper, you will not see the difference...

Hope you enjoy it. Regards to all Avax members.


PS: if someone has an alternative to rip those EBX protected PDFs, I'd be interested in knowing (some years ago, there was the Advanced Ebook Processor from Elcomsoft, but nowadays I don't know of any similar software).