Easy Weight Loss - 2004 Edition - By Paul Mckenna (Audiobook)

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Easy Weight Loss - 2004 Edition - By Paul Mckenna (Audiobook)

On Easy Weight Loss, famous hypnotist Paul Mckenna uses the power of suggestion to help beat those bad eating habits. You've got nothing to lose but that unwanted weight.

If you’ve had enough of hopeless diets and fitness fads, it may be time to take a different approach to weight loss, and use your head instead. Paul McKenna is one of the most successful hypnotherapists around, and regularly appears on radio and TV. In contrast to traditional weight-loss tapes this programme focuses first and foremost on your mind as a way of changing your body.

One of Paul’s great skills is the way he can get you to relax, so you can absorb what he is telling you on the tape. His calm, reassuring voice enables you to drift away, before returning to earth refreshed and full of confidence to achieve your goals. The objective is to transform the way you think about food, and as a consequence adjust your eating habits forever.

Paul McKenna has developed the latest hypnotic techniques to help you lose weight fast and efficiently. Successful slimming is more than just diet and exercise, it's willpower. Help transform your mind so that you find it easier to slim your body and stay slim.

Some people find Paul McKenna a bit creepy. He's always telling us what to eat, how to feel, how to be more confident etc. but he's no oil painting himself ('I can grow your hair back' should be his next CD). I'm also a little wary, having fallen foul of his apple/onion trick at one of his stage shows. However this CD shows that he's up there with the best of them. I have a fairly unusual job - I'm a cheese sniffer - and one of the big problems in my game is the swallow. Ask the man in the street about cheese sniffing and he'll tell you that the sniff is everything. Rubbish. There's texture (the squeeze), creaminess, sourness and fruitiness for starters. Not to mention whether or not a cheese has decent legs and good feet. Unlike wine tasters, the professional cheese sniffer has to swallow - the throat glide and final settlement being the two other characteristics on which a cheese can be marked. Which brings me to Paul McKenna. I'm sniffing and eating cheese for the best part of each working day and, with the exception of some strains of bran cheese, it's a saturated fat hell. Most of us are pretty sturdy to say the least and it's difficult to do anything about it without leaving cheese altogether. However McKenna's CD has given me the boot up the archie I need to get out and do some exercise. I know that if I don't take control I'll be a big fat pudding for the rest of my natural, so it's up to me to grab a healthy lifestyle by the lapels. I've had a cold for the best part of a week and that has knocked me off the sniff shift, but I've also been taking the dog out more and have lost 7 lbs. The big test for me is when I go back on the sniff and swallow treadmill. It won't be easy, but I'll keep doing the CD stuff and am determined to keep the weight off. Cheers Paul.


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