Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook

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Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook


Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook

Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook
Author: by Paul Glasziou, Donald Del Mar, Janet Salisbury
ISBN: 0727918214
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group; Workbook edition (November 1, 2003)
Format: PDF - 139 pages
List Price: $35.95
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From Inside the eBook
Evidence-based Medicine Workbook ? Finding and applying the best research evidence to improve patient care Written by Paul Glasziou, Chris Del Mar and Janet Salisbury How do doctors try to overcome information overload? If they have got the information from somewhere else, you need to know where they got it so that you can check how good it is. Appraised studies Evidence-Based Medicine Bi-monthly journal which summarises important recent articles from major clinical fields (family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, public health, surgery). (Note: Best Evidence is the cumulated contents of ACP Journal Club (since 1991) and Evidence-Based Medicine (since 1995) in an annual CD.) PEDro A physiotherapy trials database with over 2300 controlled trials, many of which have been appraised by the PEDro team at the University of Sydney. Th e DARE database lists other systematic reviews. Synopses Clinical Evidence Clinical Evidence is an updated directory of evidence on the eff ects of clinical interventions.
Book Description
A collection of handouts for Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) workshops run at the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, University of Queensland which have been attractively presented in full colour as an ideal tool for learning EBM skills individually and in a group setting.Written by world famous teachers of EBM, the book is split into three sectionsPart 1: Introduction to evidence-based medicine, Part 2: The steps in evidence-based medicine, Part 3: Resources and further reading which take you through the principles of EBM. Helpful exercises based on journal articles are included as well as advice on how to access the relevant resources. Designed to provide clear help in finding useful answers from the literature for clinicians, the processes are laid out and then worked through with clinical examples.
Book Info
(BMJ Books) Univ. of Queensland, Australia. Full-color, self-paced workbook provides a clear explanation of evidence-based medicine skills and concepts and was developed from EBM workshops run at the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at the Univ. of Queensland, Australia and Oxford, UK. Softcover
Table of Contents
Evidence-based Medicine Workbook
Introduction to this workbook
How to use this workbook
Part 1 Introduction to evidence-based medicine
Part 2 The steps in evidence-based medicine
Part 3 Resources and further readind
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