CorelDRAW 12 The Official Guide

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CorelDRAW 12 The Official Guide

Create compelling graphics and vector animations for print and the Web using CorelDRAW 12. Inside this Corel-approved guide, expert author Steve Bain teaches you how to take full advantage of all the unique features this powerful application has to offer. You’ll learn to draw shapes, work with text, add color and effects, create animations, and much more. Featuring hundreds of tips, techniques, and shortcuts, plus a full-color section showcasing the extraordinary results of various effects, this is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to create stunning artwork with CorelDRAW 12.
- Learn to use all the new and re-engineered features in CorelDRAW 12
- Master the latest drawing tools like the Smart Drawing Tool and the Virtual Segment Delete Tool
- Use object tools to create shapes, draw lines and paths, and arrange objects
- Take advantage of the new Dynamic Guides and Object Snap Modes
- Produce dazzling vector effects–distortions, contours, blends, transparency, drop shadows, and more
- Create 3D effects by adding perspective and extruding vector objects
- Discover all the bitmap filter commands and master print engine functions
- Create flawless Web and print graphics, HTML pages, rollovers, and Corel R.A.V.E. animations
- Boost your efficiency with styles, workspace customization, and VBA scripting
- Learn all the program shortcuts using an 8-page special guide
Includes 8-page color insert and tutorial images online

Steve Bain is an award-winning illustrator and well-known author and teacher. He has produced hundreds of expert design and illustration workshops, is a regular contributor to educational publications and Web sites, and has evaluated application features for Corel.

Nick Wilkinson is an award-winning technical illustrator and is well known for the many powerful scripts that he has contributed to the CorelDRAW community.

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