RAWexchange - Efficiency in Retouching

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RAWexchange - Efficiency in Retouching

RAWexchange - Efficiency in Retouching
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Of course! today’s customers want everything now, or better yet, yesterday. They want it cheap and they want it perfectly done. Of course, when wanting it perfectly done, Mr. magazine editor still wants it fast and still wants it at a low price. This is where your efficiency comes into play. The more efficient you are, the more can you do in a given time. This is obvious, the benefit of course, is that you can charge higher prices for a given amount of work. Or rather, charge the same, but do it faster.

Getting another hour each day
Imagine 25-hour days. What if you had another hour each day? What would you use it for? Learning? Doing more work? Family time? Building infrastructure? When you work efficiently, you are saving time, time that you can use to do more things (or not). Now, the truth is that we can not promise a full hour, we can promise that you will not waste time doing unnecessary things, and get the maximum out of the time that you invest in retouching. Every hour saved is yours to keep.
What you are getting

Over two hours of deep, no-bullshit, concentrated knowledge
An overview comparing “regular retouching techniques” on an efficiency scale. Know what works for you.
One compete walkthrough of a retouching process explained and retouched (15 minutes)

What you are not getting
Paint-by-numbers tricks
Magical actions
Smell presets
Super secret CSI techniques
The Amber Room

Home page - https://raw.exchangetutorial-efficiency-in-retouching/

RAWexchange - Efficiency in Retouching