Elementary Game Programming and Simulators Using Jamagic

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Elementary Game Programming and Simulators Using Jamagic

Author: Sergio Perez Sergio E. Perez
ISBN: 1584502614
Publisher: Charles River Media - December 2002

Elementary Game Programming & Simulators Using Jamagic provides a comprehensive guide to using the Jamagic scripting language to program a complete 3D game. Using a step-by-step approach, you can learn how to program professional flight simulation and ship simulation games with realistic physics, movements, collisions, sound, and music. The book also teaches you how to import numerous 3D objects and models into your games, allowing for more time on the programming aspects of game development, rather than the details of artwork. The companion CD-ROM includes everything needed to complete the tutorials, including trial versions of Jamagic and MilkShape 3D. Jamagic game creation software combines an extremely powerful 3D engine with an uncomplicated, easy-to-learn scripting language. It allows users to create impressive, professional-quality 3D games from any genre without having to learn C++, OpenGL, or DirectX.

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