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Emergency Medicine (Vademecum)

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1. Emergency Resuscitation
Stuart P. Swadron, Peter C. Benson and William K. Mallon

2. Cardiovascular Disorders
Jason Greenspan, Shahram Tabib and Stuart P. Swadron

3. Pulmonary Emergencies
Deborah B. Diercks, Steven Offerman, Mark Thoma and Peter E. Sokolove

4. Neurologic Emergencies
Jacquelyn Hasler Salas

5. GI Emergencies
Susan Stone and Andrew S. Kassinove

6. Genitourinary Emergencies
Chi Lee, Sean O. Henderson and Sabrina Grassl

7. OB/GYN Emergencies
Stephen D. Docherty

8. Orthopedic Emergencies
Susan Zapalac and Mark G. Richmond

9. Endocrine and Electrolyte Emergencies
Jeffrey Denham and Wendy Denham

10. Hematologic Emergencies
Alicia Haglund

11. Infectious Disease Emergencies
Ellen M. Slaven, Fred A. Lopez and James Rhorer

12. General Management of the Poisoned Patient
Kathryn Challoner

13. Selected Environmental Emergencies
Paul Silka

14. ENT, Maxillofacial and Dental Emergencies
Kirsten Calder and Jason Ruben

15. Ophthalmologic Emergencies
Kirsten Calder and Jason Ruben

16. Trauma
Stephen D. Docherty and Carla Valentine

17. Psychiatric Emergencies
Carrie S. Korn, Adam J. Trenton and Glenn W. Currier

18. Special Imaging Studies for the Emergency Department: Angiography MRI V/Q and Sestamibi
Matt Hendrickson

19. Computed Tomography: Emergency Department Applications
Sujal Mandavia and Diku Mandavia

20. Bedside Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine
Diku Mandavia and Sujal Mandavia

21. Disaster Management
Mark Hollinger

22. Special Pediatric Considerations
David Leader, Marilyn Hicks, Russell Karten, Lance Brown and Olly Duckett

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