The Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases and Disorders

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The Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases and Disorders

William Petit Jr., Christine Adamec, «The Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases and Disorders»
Facts on File | ISBN 0816051356 | 2005 Year | PDF | 1,2 Mb | 326 Pages

Diseases and disorders of the endocrine system, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, affect millions of Americans. The endocrine system (adrenal glands, hypothalamus, ovaries, pancreas, parathyroid, pineal gland, pituitary, testicles, and thyroid) helps regulate basic functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, energy storage, fertility, tissue growth, and overall body metabolism. Written at a level accessible to the layperson by a well-known endocrinologist and a medical writer, this authoritative volume contains more than 250 alphabetically arranged entries that range in length from a few sentences to several pages.

The goal of this reference is to give a broad overview of the normal and abnormal function of the endocrine system. A useful 13-page introduction provides general information on the functioning of the endocrine system over the human life span as well as a summary of the function of each of the glands. Specific entries in the encyclopedia include AIDS, Amenorrhea, Blood pressure/hypertension, Diabetes insipidus, Goiter, Graves' disease, Infertility, Melatonin, Obesity, Oral glucose tolerance test, Osteoporosis, and Testosterone. Supplemental information is provided in 16 appendixes, among them "Chart of Thyroid Medications to Treat Hypothyroidism," "Medications to Treat Diabetes," "10 Little-Know Facts about Diabetes Mellitus," and "Web Sites with Information on Endocrine Diseases and Disorders." A 14-page bibliography and a well-done 24-page subject index are provided. Brief bibliographies and relevant Web sites are included at the end of some articles.

This encyclopedia is a good source for basic, reliable medical information. The lack of illustrations may be a drawback for some users. Part of the Facts On File Library of Health and Living, the volume is worthy of consideration for general medical reference sections in public and academic libraries