John H. Moore, "Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry"

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John H. Moore, "Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry"

John H. Moore, "Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry"
Taylor & Francis | ISBN 0750303131 | 2001 Year | CHM | 52 Mb | 5875 Pages

A major reference work that any chemist and physicist can turn to for an introduction to an unfamiliar area, an explanation of important experimental and computational techniques, and a description of modern endeavors.

"…now for the first time we have a comprehensive encyclopedia of this discipline . . . The editors-in-chief John Moore and Nicholas Spencer have not only face this marathon challenge but solved the problem with style . . . This balancing act between traditional and ultramodern physical chemistry succeeds . . . The cross-references excite the reader's interest and stimulate him or her to examine other volumes or topics. . . University libraries are strongly recommended to buy this encyclopedia, and all research groups working in the field should add this three-volume work to their refernece books."
- Ralf Ludwig in Angewwandte Chemie

"It is long and considerable effort has clearly been spent in compiling it . . The Encyclopedia is the best single source that I know for getting a modern view of chemical physics and physical chemistry." – Raphael D Levinein CHEMPHYSCHEM "This three-volume encyclopedia is a comprehensive survey of the present state of knowledge and the research frontier in nearly every area of chemical physics and physical chemistry . . . The goal has been to make each article enjoyable, informative and concisely relevant to its named topic. These goals are well met . . . In its discussions, the Encyclopedia strikes an excellent balance between theory and applications . . . [it] is a most remarkable and successful enterprise, and makes very enjoyable reading. . . It belongs in every university science library."
- William Klemperer in Physics Today, February 2003

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