Complete English Speaking Fluency Course with Weekly Meeting

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Complete English Speaking Fluency Course with Weekly Meeting

Complete English Speaking Fluency Course with Weekly Meeting
Duration: 54h 26m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 54.5 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

English Speaking Course - Spoken English - Speaking English Using Action Word and Story with Weekly Live Meeting

What you'll learn:
English Speaking Fluency
Build Confidence Over Live Meetings
Think in English Language
Growth Mindset in English
Present Tense Mastery Using Stories
Past Tense Mastery Using Stories
Future Tense Mastery Using Stories
Understand Movies and Tv Shows in English.
Talk in Live and Meeting
Make Conversation

Motivated to Be Independent Learner
A Computer, or A Tablet, or A Phone with Good Speakers or Headphones
Google Account to Join VIP Google Classroom
Have Time at Least 1 Hour for Weekly Live Meeting
Willingness to learn :)

English speaking course, Weekly Live Meeting, action word, and English Story Conversation will help you to speak English Powerfully
Recent Update:
The meeting method is now like the Interview system but conversational.
Hooray, Captions are Fixed Now!
All meetings recorded are uploaded in section 2
The Weekly Meeting Day Has Changed to Sunday at
08:00 in Washington, DC, USA
5:30 PM in India
2:00 PM in Egypt
7:00 AM in Mexico City
5:00 PM in Pakistan
3:00 PM in Turkey
6:00 PM in Bangladesh
3:00 PM in Saudi Arabia
2:00 PM in Madrid, Spain
12:00 AM in Morocco
9:00 AM in Brasilia
If your country is not listed above, please Google (5:30 PM IST to YOUR COUNTRY NAME)
Real Class Stories are uploaded!
If your goal is to become fluent in English, speak without hesitation, and start to talk in live meetings, this is the course to take. I've learned these methods for 5 years and taught lots of students over NGOs, and have seen them help many students master the key skills they need to really understand how to speak English powerfully!
Speak English powerfully in this unique English-speaking course, which is ideal for students at a pre-intermediate to advanced level of English. You will improve your English Speaking, English Listening, English Grammar, English Vocabulary, and English Pronunciation skills using action words, story conversations, and weekly live meetings.

This Course Gives You:
Action words in each section plus audio downloadable resources
Story Conversation to make fluent in English, speak without hesitation in each section plus audio downloadable resources
Success Lectures which helps to be motivated in learning
Story quizzes in each section
Weekly live meeting through Google Meet or Zoom
Subtitles of each in every section
Google Classroom where you can post and interact with your classmates
Audio assignments on each section in your Google classroom
Whatsapp, Telegram, and Skype Community where you can find your partner to speak and practice English
Email support, if you needed any help with your English
AND a Course Facebook Group where you can share your thoughts

Watch the action word, story conversation, success lecture of one section at least for 3 days or more
Listen to me at the sections and answer out loud to learn profoundly and remove hesitation.
Do a listening activity of each section
Join the weekly meeting to really experience real English
Take an assignment on your Google Classroom
By working through the system we have, you will master English speaking, speak confidently. You will also learn English Grammar and English Vocabulary naturally.

What do students say?
★★★★★ "I joined the community last October 2020, I am delighted that I am a part of the community and have an opportunity to gather friends of different races. This course helps me a lot to boost up my confidence in talking using the English language. I am thankful to JM who keeps motivating us to learn this language and inspired us with his struggle and success in studying this language. "Ma. Lourdes Eniego
★★★★★ "Good learning and best Udemy academy to learn easily. "Sam Prakash Royyala
★★★★★ "Sir, JK Ekhteyari ‘s course is one of the best online courses. Sir. JM, He is very patient with us. He explains every detail in each video. That’s why you will never get regrets in your life when you meet this kind-natured teacher. You can ask him anything that you want to. I really recommend this course. Thank you, sir, JM. " Sony Aung
★★★★★ "Actually the teacher is so helpful and he uses a new way to improve my English I’m so grateful because I join to this course? " Bashayer Ahmed Mohammed Al-hur
★★★★★ "Seems the lecturer has worked very hard on this very interesting topic.  "Harshal lone
★★★★★ "JM is a very good Teacher. I was able to understand every lesson easily. I enjoyed this course. My English really improved with this course. I wish to pursue JM's other English courses also. JM's method is really good and elaborative. I liked learning with these methods, especially English grammar teaching. ones again THANK YOU SO MUCH! "Pratiksha Kulkarni
★★★★★ "I believe fluency comes with practice. And this course is a great approach to practicing for non-native English speakers. "  CM MANJUNATH
★★★★★ "It is an excellent course, the meetings on this course are awesome because you can interact with people of all the world… " José Luis Rodríguez Rivera
★★★★★ "Hi sir I am Visalia, I am from India according to me I was Telugu medium background, I saw so many videos to improve my communications skills to get a good job but none my they helped me, your way of teaching is excellent and I confidently say this course will help me a lot, thank you, sir! " Visala chaganti
If you know to learn English, I recommend you to join the course of JM Ekhteyari because he is a great teacher and the way of teaching English is very nice and easy. He is friendly, kind, and great fun to talk with him in the online meeting. He has an ocean of knowledge about English communication. He knows what is important for English learners and also what we need to do to improve quickly. I am taking the class since last month and I gain the confidence to speak English.  "Amarjeet Kumar
★★★★★ "Teaching is Great and the meetings are also great. The course is Amazing. Thanks for making this course. I learn Lots of Things in this course. And I also improve how to speak in a meeting. " Aadi Kumar
★★★★★ "This course is amazing! I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn English real. I love your meetings that happen each week. "Md. Shir Mohammad
★★★★★ "JM is a great teacher and he helps us to learn English in a very practical way. He gives us 1 hour a week in live classes that by itself pays the course x 100 times. I recommend this class very much if you really want to learn to speak English fluently… "
and so many positive reviews…

Join the Complete English Speaking Fluency Course with Weekly Meeting now, late's tomorrow!

This English Speaking course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: English - English speaking - spoken English - English course - spoken English course - English speaking course - English grammar - learn English. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: English Grammar - English Conversation - English Pronunciation.

Who this course is for:
Beginner English learner
Intermediate English learner
Advanced English learner

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