The Enlightened Kitchen (Cooking)

Posted By: Trixter
Greetings Friends,

Although this book contains numerous recipes, it is not intended to be merely another cookbook or recipe collection. Instead it is designed to serve as a guidebook to teach the reader the nature of cannabis, how it combines with different foods, how it is best assimilated in the human digestive tract, and how he can get the most highs for his money.

The first section of this book compares the results of ingesting cannabis to those from smoking it. The second section explains the physical and chemical nature of cannabis and how it is most effectively digested. The third section describes the concoction of the basic materials, such as canna-butter (Sacred Ghee) and cannabis tar, which are called for in many of the recipes. The fourth section is devoted to some of the most suitable dishes which may be prepared from these materials.

We have covered most of the general types of preparations, though certainly not all of the possible recipes. A reading of this book plus a little practice should impart to the reader sufficient knowledge and understanding with which to devise his own cannabinated culinary creations.

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