EOS digital workflow guidebook

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EOS digital workflow guidebook

EOS digital workflow guidebook
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eos digital photo guidebook for professionals

This guidebook is designed to assist professional photographers in their switch to digital photography. In particular, the guidebook helps explain many of the creative options available when using digital cameras to produce photos for commercial printing. We believe photographers in all fields from advertising to publishing to photojournalism, whether shooting in the field or in a studio, will find this guidebook a source of useful information.

The responsibilities of photographers in the digital workflow vary widely with the specific requirements of each job. By taking you through the entire process of digital photography, from shooting and image compensation to editing and printing preparation, we will help you to define and streamline the varying workflow responsibilities and draw the line between your own responsibilities and those of others involved.

This guidebook separates the workflow of digital photography into two sections: The first section covers shooting-related topics, such as lighting techniques, studio photography, and potential outdoor uses for digital cameras. It also describes actual shooting situations to clearly illustrate functional differences between film and digital cameras. The second section deals with data processing; it covers everything from color management and file handling to image analysis and printing preparations.