Every Landlord's Legal Guide, Eighth Edition

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 Every Landlord's Legal Guide, Eighth Edition

Every Landlord's Legal Guide, Eighth Edition
Publisher: NOLO | Number Of Pages: 590 | Publication Date: 2006-05-30 | ISBN 1413304141 | 7 MB

Anyone who has ever been a landlord knows that the rental business is tightly regulated. As the authors of Every Landlord's Legal Guide point out, "a landlord either knows and follows the law or doesn't stay in business long." This book clearly outlines what the law requires of a landlord and, just as importantly, offers advice on how to be conscientious yet profitable. This useful book is filled with helpful information on finding good tenants, agreements and leases, liability issues, and even terminations and evictions. The advice is extremely thorough. For example, the chapter on the landlord's maintenance duties contains information on who is responsible for minor repairs, ways to avoid problems by instituting a preventive-maintenance program, and even possible tenant responses to landlord negligence. The book is rounded out with a chapter on finding a lawyer and an appendix of state laws that may affect your business. Dozens of sample forms are included both as blank hard copies in the book and as templates on the enclosed disk. This book is extremely user-friendly: Stilted legalese is translated into simple English, handy icons highlight particular points in the text, and sidebars provide in-depth analysis on a variety of issues. The authors maintain that success is based on "choosing tenants carefully, keeping good tenants happy, teaching mediocre tenants how to improve and getting rid of bad tenants by applying policies that are strict, fair and legal." This book will help you do just that. –C.B. Delaney

The all-in-one resource every landlord needs.

The best, most effective way to make and save money as a landlord is to keep up with the law –and with Every Landlord's Legal Guide, you can do it.

From move-in to move-out, Every Landlord's Legal Guide helps you handle the issues you're likely to face, helping you avoid hassles and headaches – not to mention legal fees. Here is everything you need to:

*choose tenants *prepare a lease or rental agreement *collect and return deposits *avoid discrimination charges *hire a property manager *keep up with repairs and maintenance *minimize liability *deal with problem tenants *and more

Every Landlord's Legal Guide provides over 30 documents you'll need, including leases and rental agreements,as tear-outs and on CD-ROM.

The 8th edition is completely revised to provide your state's current laws, and discusses how new federal bankruptcy laws affect your ability to evict tenants.