SkillSoft Press, «Migrating from Exchange Server to qmail»

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SkillSoft Press, «Migrating from Exchange Server to qmail»
SkillSoft Press | ISBN: N/A | 2004 Year | CHM | 9,33 Mb | Pages: N/A

qmail is a robust Internet MTA for Unix and Unix-like operating systems. With an ever-increasing popularity of GNU/Linux as a server operating system, numerous organizations are migrating existing server setups from Microsoft-based platforms to GNU/Linux and BSD platforms.

This book provides a broad coverage of all the strategic and technical intricacies of migrating an existing Exchange server setup to run on GNU/Linux operating system, using qmail. It also discuses the aspects of migration with an emphasis on business considerations such as commercial and non-commercial support for qmail and the relative total cost of ownership. The book explains the tools for converting the mail formats from Microsoft's .dbx and .pst format to Unix's mbox and maildir formats. You also learn about the authentication schemes, and how to set up Mail User Agents (MUAs) for GNU/Linux.

This book is targeted at the audience with intermediate-advanced system administration skills on Microsoft-based platforms, and with hands on experience with using basic GNU utilities, such as tar, patch, binutils, gcc, on GNU/Linux.