An Unloved Woman

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An Unloved Woman

An Unloved Woman by M. A. Cameron
English | December 2nd, 2019 | ISBN: 1788487508, 1788487494 | 107 pages | EPUB | 1.03 MB

We live in an era of relaxed attitudes towards sex and relationships. It seems that anything and everything goes. The more outlandish, the greater the applause. Yet occasionally, we are confronted with a backlash. "Crimes of passion" challenge our complacency. No attempt is made to provide an explanation for the stalking and "revenge porn". They seem incomprehensible. M. A. Cameron offers insights into this modern relational minefield by looking to the wisdom of the past. Drawing on the images of Camelot and that era of chivalry, she then examines the Christian scriptures to give guidance to those who would seek peace and fulfilment.