Century Series in Color (Fighting Colors Series 6501) (Repost)

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Century Series in Color (Fighting Colors Series 6501) (Repost)

Lou Drendel - Century Series in Color
Squadron/Signal Publications | 1980 | ISBN: 0897470974 | English | 97 pages | PDF | 22.41 MB
Fighting Colors Series 6501

Combat aircraft are often adorned with markings and insignia much in excess of their national liveries. Individual and unit art make warplanes some of the most colorful and expressive engines of war ever fielded by man. This series celebrates the great variety of colors worn by aircraft types and groups - heraldry, nose art, tail art, badges and pretty much any form aircraft are painted to evoke pride and panache.
Century Series in Color: F-100 Super Sabre; F-101 Voodoo; F-102 Delta Dagger; F-104 Starfighter; F-105 Thunderchief; F-106 Delta Dart.