Nicholas Proferes, «Film Directing Fundamentals : See Your Film Before Shooting» (2nd Edition)

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Nicholas Proferes, «Film Directing Fundamentals : See Your Film Before Shooting» (2nd Edition)
Focal Press | ISBN 0240805623 | 2004 Year | PDF | 4,22 Mb | 296 Pages

"An admirable overview of the nuts and bolts of directing, Film Directing Fundamentals takes a unique approach in discussing the craft…Full of interesting observations, this book could be a welcome addition to the aspiring director's bookshelf." - Videomake Magazine

"For the aspiring director looking to develop craft and technique, this book would be a step in the right direction." - Kurt Patrick Turner

Advanced Praise:

A“Just bring your talent, add a touch of luck, and the rest you will find in this book.A” A—Milos Forman, film director

A“I am amazed by the simplicity with which Professor Proferes explicates complex ideas. Film Directing Fundamentals is valuable not only for film directors, but also for actors and anyone interested in the creation of dramatic art.A” A—Andrie Serban, international theatre and opera director, and Professor at Columbia UniversityA’s Theater Division

A“Nick Proferes doesnA’t tell you how to directA—which would be as silly as telling you what to direct. Instead, he does something much more valuable: He explains how directors actually think their way though the job.A” A—James Schamus, Associate Professor of Film at Columbia University, producer and screenwriter (The Ice Storm and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

A“There are many books on directing, but none in my opinion have the depth and accessibility of Nick ProferesA’s. This treasure trove of insight and inspiration is a master class from a master teacher that clearly illuminates, step by step, the building blocks necessary to create meaningful cinematic storytelling with dramatic punch.A” A—Alex Zamm, director and screenwriter (Chairman of the Board, My Date with the PresidentA’s Daughter), and former student of the author

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