Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy

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Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy

James F. Guhl (Editor), Melbourne D. Boynton (Editor) and J.Serge Parisien,
«Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy», 3rd Edition
Springer | ISBN 0387985115 | February, 2004 | PDF | 376 Pages | Size: 175 Mb (unrar)
A book for Orthopedics,sports medicine surgery & interventional radiology

Drs. Guhl, Parisien, and Boynton have prepared a third edition of this successful volume, heretofore published by Slack (who no longer publishes books on orthopaedic surgery, only journals). The editors have invited a prestigious group of contributors, including such stellar names in the field as Ferkel, Lundeen, Tasto, etc. The new edition will address the most recent and valuable developments in foot and ankle arthroscopy, including the practical applications of instrumentation and technique in the clinical setting. Unique to this book are the imaging techniques, laser surgery, mid-foot arthroscopy, and most importantly - endoscopic surgery of the ankle and foot. Sections and chapters on anatomy, differential diagnosis, soft tissue pathology, rehabilitation, and again, unique to this volume, office and outpatient arthroscopy make this a comprehensive reference.

Book Info:
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Discusses the clinical examination, anatomy, and various arthroscopic techniques for the foot and ankle. Also addresses the management of possible complications. Features office and outpatient arthroscopy and endoscopic surgery, enhanced by abundant color and halftone illustrations. DNLM: Ankle–pathology.

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