Konstantin Popov, et al, "Fundamental Aspects of Electrometallurgy"

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Konstantin Popov, et al, "Fundamental Aspects of Electrometallurgy"

Konstantin Popov, et al, "Fundamental Aspects of Electrometallurgy"
Springer | ISBN 0306472694 | 2002 Year | PDF | 6,21 Mb | 328 Pages

This book begins with a thorough background of the subject. Next, the authors discuss the significance of electrometallurgy within the broader spectrum of science and technology. They then expand the previously laid theoretical base and explain mechanisms of metal deposition and applications for all existing related technologies. The book will be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students involved with electrochemistry of metals, materials science, plating technologies, electronics materials and other fields. Scientists and engineers working in a variety of industries in addition to electrometallurgical process plants will find it an invaluable reference as it provides a thorough background of electrometallurgy, then explores the more advanced mechanisms of metal deposition in a logical manner.

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