The Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery: A Guide for Patients and Caregivers

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Anthony J., Md.Senagore (Editor), "The Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery: A Guide for Patients and Caregivers" Thomson Gale
ISBN 0787677213 | 2003 Year | PDF | 32,7 Mb | 1600 Pages

Pity those patients and caregivers who experience enough surgery first- or second-hand to have frequent need of this three-volume reference; but if going under the knife (or laser) is necessary, this reference helps with the details of 265 surgeries, providing enough information for readers who wish to be knowledgeable consumers without being overwhelmed. Descriptions of surgeries follow a clear format that includes discussion of the procedure's purpose and demographics and information about diagnosis and preparation, who performs the procedure and where, aftercare, risks, normal results, morbidity and mortality rates, and alternatives. Entries also include definitions of key terms, questions to ask the doctor, and listings of resources (books as well as organizations for support and further information). In addition to entries describing surgeries, another 200 entries cover relevant general topics such as anesthesia, second opinions, admission to the hospital, and preparation for surgery. A roster of medical writers and practitioners contributed to the work, which was prepared under the leadership of Anthony J. Senagore (Cleveland Clinic Foundation).


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