The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments. How to Set Up a Home Laboratory: Over 200 Simple Experimen

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The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments. How to Set Up a Home Laboratory: Over 200 Simple Experiments
by Robert Brent, Illustrated by Harry Lazarus
© Copyright 1960 by Golden Press, Inc.

More than 200 color pictures and clear, easy-to-follow directions show junior chemists how to prepare a laboratory at home, how to buy and make apparatus, and how to set up fascinating, informative experiments. In addition, there are facts about famous chemists, their contributions, and chemistry in nature and industry.

Hard to find, (and very costly if you do) is the original 1960 edition of this book. It seems to have gained infamy since the 1995 incident near Detroit of child chemist, David Hahn [read about it (eng) / прочитать об этом (rus)]. With the release of a full scale book this month by author Ken Silverstein called 'The Radioactive Boyscout', which details this nuclear incident, the popularity of this early chemistry 'how to do it' book will only grow. The early edition is known for its 50's style simplicity where chemical wastes and pollution were never a concern to Americans, certainly not in the age of 'better living through chemistry'!!! Thoroughly interesting and full of ideas and inspiration, it is the bible for any young chemist-in-training. You will enjoy.

This book was pulled from all public libraries and store shelves by the government. It was said that the experiments and information contained herin were too dangerous for the general public. How'd I luck up on a copy? Well, a friend of mine who could remember checking out and reading the book when he was a kid, thought he would try to find a copy for himself just for sentimental reasons. To his surprise this book is extremely rare and expensive if you do find a copy for sale. With books going from $375 for a very damaged copy to upwards of $2,000 for a decent copy he knew it would be a task. So he enlisted my help, and a couple of weeks later I just happened to find a copy at an old library book sale. So I purchased this book in great condition at a considerable discount. I sold it to him for a profit (of course), but before I let go of it I felt that the information contained herin needs to be shared. I submit to you the only electronic copy of The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments in existance...

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