Bart A.Baggett - GraphoTherapy Workbook

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Bart A.Baggett - GraphoTherapy Workbook

Bart A.Baggett,Change Your Life in 30 Days- GraphoTherapy Workbook
Empresse Publishing | ISBN 1-882929-10-1 | 1989 | PDF | 70 Pages | 6,23 Mb

Grapho-Therapy: Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life
30 Day Grapho-Therapy Workbooks

The concept of understanding human personality from someone's handwriting is beginning to be accepted worldwide as valid. One psychological aspect of handwriting not so well understood is using handwriting to assist someone in personal change.

The concept of change your handwriting, change your life is very powerful. It is called grapho-therapy. Years ago, before Bart Baggett wrote his book on relationships, he taught personal improvement seminars nationwide. He used many methods of conditioning and follow up to make the personality changes permanent. One method was grapho-therapy.

To assist in achieving your goals, Bart designed a workbook to guide you in your quest for personal change. You can actually see the changes happen from your own hand! Each day, you feel the difference as you analyze your life in all areas. The current workbook has been modified for use without a live instructor.

You can achieve quick, permanent, and specific personality changes in 30-days!

You can easily raise self-esteem, eliminate being sensitive to criticism, overcome self-consciousness,develop trust, increase sex drive, overcome fear of success, and many more just by a sleight of the hand!

<br />Note : This one is badly scanned, some pages are see-through and some are slightly rotated. It's also supposed to be accompanied with a CD, which I don't have ;). You can still use this workbook without the CD though.

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