The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time (CD)

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The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time (CD)

A concise overview of the best of our heritage from the bestselling history author of our time. Filled with wit and wisdom, this is a liberal arts curriculum, sure to be a hit with the many readers of Durant's other books.

This is a collection of essays in which Durant presents the most remarkable events, people, and ideas the world has known. It is the 'best of' world history, the high-points of humanity. The book includes "The Ten Greatest Thinkers," "The Ten Greatest Poets," "The One Hundred Best Books for an Education," "The Ten Peaks of Human Progress," and "Twelve Vital Dates in World History." Durant's writing is eloquent, accessible, and engaging even as he reminds the reader/listener to make his own lists.

Will Durant, (1885-1981), reporter, seminarian, and teacher, earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1917. He won numerous honors - including the prestigious Medal of Freedom and a Pulitzer Prize - throughout his lifetime of research and writing.

John Little is the world's foremost authority on the life, work, and philosophy of Will Durant. Little is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker.