Interest-Rate Option Models (Repost)

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Interest-Rate Option Models (Repost)

Interest-Rate Option Models: Understanding, Analysing and Using Models for Exotic Interest-Rate Options
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; 2nd edition (May 1998) | ISBN-10: 0471979589 | DjVu | 5,5 Mb | 546 pages

The modelling of exotic interest-rate options is such an important and fast-moving area, that the updating of the extremely successful first edition has been eagerly awaited. This edition re-focuses the assessment of various models presented in the first edition, in light of the new developments of modelling imperfect correlation between financial quantities. It also presents a substantial new chapter devoted to this revolutionary modelling method. In this second edition, readers will also find important new data dealing with the securities market and the probabilistic/stochastic calculus tools. Other changes include: a new chapter on the issues arising in the pricing of several classes of exotic interest-rate instruments; and insights from the BDT and the Brennan and Schwartz approaches which can be combined into a new class of "generalised models". Further details can be found on the links between mean-reversion and calibration for the important classes of models.