Michael A. Raithel, "The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes"

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Michael A. Raithel, "The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes"

Michael A. Raithel, "The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes"
SAS Publishing | ISBN 1590478495 | 2006 Year | PDF | 2,04 Mb | 344 Pages

Your definitive guide to using SAS® indexes Do you struggle with the problems of extracting data from large SAS data sets? Are you designing applications where response time is of great importance? Let this example-driven book guide you to the many ways you can use SAS indexes to reduce the computer resources needed to process large SAS data sets, leading to faster programs and reduced computer charges. You will learn:
The types of applications that can benefit from the use of indexes.

How indexes can save computer processing resources and wallclock time.

The difference between simple and composite SAS indexes.

How to create indexes with the DATA step and with SAS procedures.

The four program constructs that will get SAS to use your indexes.

What centiles are and how you can use them.

How to recover missing indexes and repair damaged indexes.

And much more!

Whether you're a novice SAS user seeking to understand SAS indexes, an advanced user seeking a reference, or a SAS programmer working with large data sets, this book was written for you!

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